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    • Demand growth trend of plastic machinery industry

      Demand growth trend of plastic machinery industry

      As the chemical industry, electronics, machinery and other related science and technology development, plastic and rubber machinery’position in the human economic life will be more important. after years of entrepreneurship and development ,China plastics machinery industry is the advantage industry in our country. Manufacturing enterprises are mainly distributed in south China, east China coastal area, the technical level of plastic machinery industry workers have been improved quickly, no matter in international or domestic market, has achieved good sales performance.

      The main products of plastic machine generally rising market image. Industrial production, sales and profits are synchronous growing. Overall, plastic machinery has entered the ranks of the advantages of development in our country

      Advanced injection molding machine provides high-tech machines in the market of rubber injection molding machine, high polymer materials and chemical synthesis process in the new century will continue developing rapidly, especially with plastic degradation technology and environmental protection problem solving, application fields of plastic products will continue to expand .Therefore, the international market demand for plastic machinery will also continue to increase.