• About us
    • As a hi-tech enterprise, Qingdao Qingsu Times Machinery Co., Ltd. has long been focusing on R & D and manufacturing of expansion plate production equipment, and the research on new materials and techniques. We have a professional team for R & D and chemical material formulation. With years of technical endeavors, we have been working hard on presenting safe and reliable products to clients, helping them gain the utmost benefits.    
      We are dedicating to R & D and manufacturing of expansion plate production equipment with various modes in different series. The PVC materials we made can be applied to

      Traffic and transportation industry: wall and internal decoration plates for carriages, ceilings, floors, walls and internal decorations of ships, buses and trains;

      Construction and decoration industry: the plates for the exterior walls of buildings, internal decorations and cabinets, partitions for residential apartments, offices and public facilities, decoration brackets for commercial purposes, boards for clean rooms and ceilings, and deep value-adding processing for plastic and copper coating treatment;

      Advertisement industry: materials for screen printing, computer lettering, advertisement plates, exhibition plates and sign plates;

      Industrial purpose: materials for chemical anti-corrosion engineering, thermoforming parts, refrigeration houses, special cooling engineering and environmental protection;

      Other fields: materials used for formworks, breeding, moisture-proof facilities in coastal areas, water-proof materials and various partitions

      We actively respond to the greening and energy-saving strategies advocated by the State, developing various new techniques and formulas to fully recycle the waste PVC materials. By effectively utilizing the limited resources, we, with the relatively low costs, provide the most suitable products to contribute to the evolvement of an energy-saving China.